Why Invest in a Gun Safe

If you consider yourself a responsible gun owner, you likely already have your gun registered. Also, you likely already have your firearms properly locked up? If you have answered no to the latter question, we can tell you right now, you’re not as responsible as you think you are. If you want to protect yourself and others, it is important and necessary to keep your firearm locked up. There are actually state laws that registered gun owners must adhere to if they are to legally carry a gun. A lot of the problem experienced in society today is the guns on the streets that are not registered. Nobody would say that gun safes are not a good idea, unless they intend on using the gun for anything other than hunting and defending themselves when their lives are threatened. Yet, not every licensed gun owner has their firearms locked safely away. If you are interested in finding out which gun safes are best, you are welcome to consult with one of our locksmiths at Blue Island Fast Locksmith in Blue Island, Illinois. If you are one of those people who keep putting it off, perhaps you should continue reading this article.  


Safety: Safety is by far one of the best reasons to consider locking your gun up. Don’t allow anyone to be harmed by a gun that you own. If you do, you could be liable because you didn’t comply with gun safety laws. Take it from us, you need to lock up your gun. We have seen children harm or kill another child because they were playing with a gun they happen to pick up. Not only do children harm and even kill others, but they could harm and kill YOU! This is something to take seriously and not continue to put off.  

Some people like to have guns displayed in their homes using a glass cabinet. While there isn’t anything wrong with this necessarily, it is still in plain sight of anyone who comes into your home. This includes children. What we are saying is that this might not be the best or most practical gun safe to own. Consult with our locksmiths about the type of gun safes they think are best suited for your type of firearms. 

Protect Your Rights: Gun activist argue that guns are dangerous no matter who you are. They believe that guns are the biggest threat to public safety. Law abiding gun owners are seen as evil to such persons. When an accident occurs involving a gun, they will then be in a position to prove their claim is true. This will often occur when no one is seriously harmed also. Also, the media loves this type of stuff. They will pounce on the story about a gun going off because it was in the hands of the wrong person. This is especially true if children are involved. If you have your gun locked up you are protecting your 2nd amendment rights and that of other responsible gun owners. 

Avoid Getting in Wrong Hands: In order to keep children safe from an incident involving guns, 27 states have made it mandatory for guns to be safely locked up to prevent children from getting a hold of them. You will receive a fine and penalties will be involved. You could also face certain charges if they find you negligent. This will apply to you even if you are someone with a gun who doesn’t have children. If you have a gun and a child in your home gains access and the gun goes off, you’re the one who can be charged. Just makes sense to buy a gun safe and avoid the headache of a court battle. 

Firearm Locking Device Laws – 11 states requires gun owners to have a locking device right after they purchase a gun. Some states require you to store your gun with the lock in place. You have to be approved by the California Department of Justice before you are allowed to own a gun in California. You will need to check to find out what your state laws are regarding ownership of a firearm and keeping it locked up.

Keeping from a Burglar – If a burglar makes their way inside your home, one of the top things stolen are guns. They can get street value for a gun. If they know that you have a gun, this is why they may break-in. To get street value, they often know someone who is selling guns on the street. This means no paperwork is involved. However, if you are the owner of the gun and it is used in an armed robbery or shooting, you could be held liable. We have seen it when the gun owner never even knew their gun was missing. Keeping it locked up can help you prevent and avoid legal problems later. 

Insurance – Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover stolen firearms. You should now exactly what your coverage covers if you own a gun. There may be limits to how much they will pay to you if something happens to your gun, especially if it isn’t properly stored away in a gun safe. Some policies cover fire damages but will not cover your firearm if it is stolen. Just be advised, even if the insurance company gives you some money for your gun if it is stolen, you’ll never get the full value for your gun. 

There are lots of advantages to having a gun safe. We can’t think of one reason why you shouldn’t have a gun safe. They protect you and they protect others. While some people may not care what happens to someone else, and never blame themselves, they usually care if there is a possibility of their being harmed. This is certainly the case when you own a gun that is not safely stored away; you take a chance of being harmed. Do yourself and others a favor by locking up your gun in a safe. 


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