What To Do When You’re Locked Out

So you’ve locked yourself out of your house. Now what?

Ideally, you’ll already have given a spare house key to a trusted neighbor or friend for just such an occurrence. But if not, here are a few things to try:

  1. Ask for Help

Do you live with roommates? Can they come home and let you in? Sure, it may be an inconvenience to ask your housemates to come let you in, but not nearly as inconvenient as being stranded outside your house, especially in the cold. If you rent your place, try reaching out to your landlord. They will usually have a copy of your house key and, depending on their location, may be close enough to swing by and let you in. If you live in an apartment complex, stop by the manager’s office and ask to be let into your place. Just make sure you can provide proof of who you are and the fact that you do indeed live in the complex.

Time to Ditch the Key?

For keyless entry, Schlage’s Keypad Entry Auto-Lock is a popular choice, or check out 6 Great Electronic Smart Locks for Your Home.

  1. Look for Unlocked Windows

Open window with plastic frame during cloudy day

Of course you would never leave your windows unlocked, but on the off chance you did, an unlocked window is the perfect entry point. Simply remove the screen, lift up the window, and shimmy through. Be careful as you enter through the window, as you’re likely to be off balance. Also be aware of what furniture or items may be lying below the window, such as end tables, TV’s, or other household items.

  1. Grab a Credit Card

This method of lock-picking works only on spring bolts, the kind usually found on standard-issue doorknobs. Doors with deadbolts will not budge under the force of a credit card.

To attempt the credit card lock pick, start by choosing a card you won’t mind possibly destroying, such as a defunct Blockbuster membership card or an outdated gift card. Laminated cards tend to work the best due to the flexibility of the plastic.

  1. Insert the card between the frame and the door at the point where the latch is located.
  2. Hold the card perpendicular to the door and start pushing and wiggling the card.
  3. While you push, start bending the card away from the doorknob in an attempt to slide the latch back and away from the door jam. Try pushing your weight against the door while you bend the card.
  4. If you are successful in unlocking the door, call a locksmith. You have now proved how easy your home is to break into and will want to consider upgrading your locks

4. Take off the Door Knob

After the door knobs are split, each side can be removed.

As long as the dead bolt on the door is not in use, you should be able to gain entry by removing the door knob. Most door knobs have the connection or mounting screws concealed, but look closely at the door knob and you will see a tiny pin-sized hole or slot, usually located below or to the side of the door knob. Using a thin piece of metal, like a straightened bobby pin or a paper clip, insert your newly made tool into the hole and apply pressure. You should feel resistance- keep pushing the metal tool as far into the hole as possible with one hand, while pulling and twisting the door knob with your other hand. Keep up this dance of applying pressure with your make-shift tool and simultaneously pulling and twisting the door knob until you’ve removed the door knob. Now all you have to do is pry off the decorative plate to reveal the lockset. Using a screwdriver (or your bobby pin) pull back on the locking mechanism and the door should unlock.

  1. Call a Locksmith

When all options have been exhausted, it may be time to call a local locksmith. Start by getting some quotes on how much they will charge to unlock your house. Many shops charge a visit fee on top of the actual service fee, so call around to get the best deal.

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